Tarkali- a seaside destination in Maharashtra

Tarkarli is a perfect and exquisite Indian destination and a beach lover’s paradise. The place is well known for its vibrant Malvani culture as well as mouthwatering cuisine and is said to be the best place for loving honeymoon for newly married couples Tarkarli is one of the most wonderful places where numerous travelers love to come from diverse parts of India as well as the world. The place lies in the heart of Malvan in Maharashtra and attracts many tourists with its beautiful beaches that border Goa.

The calm atmosphere of this magnificent city is something which not just makes your trip pleasurable but also offers great peace to mind along with an environment which every newlywed couple need. It is not just the attraction of the sightseeing which attracts tourists from different parts of the world however also tasty seafood which fills your mouth with water.  If you are planning for a perfect honeymoon, then head towards this beautiful Indian destination as there are many best Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India are also available for you. Below we have listed for you the must do things in Tarkarli for a memorable and loving honeymoon:

  • Romantic stay in a houseboat

One of the best things that you can and you should enjoy in Tarkarli is a peaceful stay in a houseboat on the tranquil backwaters. It is a memorable experience perfect for newly married couples and which is very much difficult to beat. Before booking your tickets just explore many honeymoon packages available for you to reach Tarkarli. Here the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation upholds two houseboats each with well-equipped bedrooms as well as opens upper air decks.

  • Enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving

Crystal clear waters of Tarkarli beaches is a vibrant gateway for underwater exploration and which makes this place pleasurable for newly married couples.  Many honeymoons & romantic packages in India host such romantic beach trips for the newly honeymooners across India. Couples can enjoy swimming alongside placid turtles and colorful fishes. You will be amazed after exploring the thriving coral reefs here which will add more excitement to your beach honeymoon plans.

  • Parasailing and jet-skiing

Couple wanderers who are seeking for loving honeymoons can go for this amazing beach holiday option as it will fill your trip with much excitement. Here you can enjoy water scooter, jet skiing, bumper rides, banana boat rides, parasailing as well as kayaking. It is the paradise for adventure lovers as people who want to enjoy an adventurous honeymoon should visit this place for sure.  You will add much more romance to your honeymoon when you feel and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the pristine coastline.

  • Bicycle ride to discover the hidden trail

What makes your honeymoon more romantic will be a ride on a bicycle with your loved ones to discover the hidden trail. Honeymooners can easily book their trip under India Honeymoon & Romantic Packages. The place is best to explore on a bicycle as it is dotted with verdant paddy fields, quaint bridges, narrow roads as well as lush precipices. Add more romance to your loving honeymoon by taking a ride with your loved ones and enjoying some preciously beautiful scenery in Tarkarli.

  • Sindhudurg Fort

A ferry ride is the best idea for a romantic honeymoon and visiting Sindhudurg Fort all through a ferry ride is what will make your honeymoon a memorable one. This is known to be one of the most popular as well as important sea forts at Malvan and is must visit the place of Tarkarli. The architecture of this beautiful fort lies mostly in ruins but still retains the aura.

  • Shree Shivchhatrapati Temple

A visit to Shree Shivchhatrapati Temple is the best way to get blessings for newly married couples. It is the only shrine of its kind in India as it has a black stone idol of Shivaji in Yogic poses. The temple has the original sword which was used by Shiva along with his palm prints.

  • Beach hopping

Beach hopping in Tarkarli is also said to be the most beautiful experience which you will get. The newly wedded couples can discover enjoy here to make their honeymoon a memorable one. These couples can arrange a trip to Tarkali under the cheap honeymoon & romantic packages in India. The must visit beaches in Tarkali are Deobagh, Nivati, Kolamb, Achra, Vengurla, Chival, Kunkeshwar, Sagareshwar, and Mochemad.

Spotting Dolphins

Tarkarli not only presents a stunning natural beauty but is also blessed with the presence of the friendliest mammals on the planet, i.e. dolphins. This makes Tarkarli more romantic as you can enjoy watching them frolicking in the water and which is a sight that will remain with you forever. Though seagulls, as well as scurrying hermit crabs, are here all year round, but schools of dolphins arrive all through specific  season, i.e. amid October and February.

Characterized by beautiful palm trees, white sands as well as clear blue waters, Tarkarli beaches are spotlessly clean and a great place for spotting dolphins. The soft sand on the beaches is ideal for romantic walks, and which seems to be never-ending. The best part is that the pristine and clear waters of the sea are unharmed by pollution, and on a clear day you can easily spot the seabed with snails, shells and other sea life. This is what makes a trip to Tarkarli as one of the best honeymoon & romantic packages in India for planning their lovely honeymoons.