Tarkali- a seaside destination in Maharashtra

Tarkarli is a perfect and exquisite Indian destination and a beach lover’s paradise. The place is well known for its vibrant Malvani culture as well as mouthwatering cuisine and is said to be the best place for loving honeymoon for newly married couples Tarkarli is one of the most wonderful places where numerous travelers love to come from diverse parts of India as well as the world. The place lies in the heart of Malvan in Maharashtra and attracts many tourists with its beautiful beaches that border Goa.

The calm atmosphere of this magnificent city is something which not just makes your trip pleasurable but also offers great peace to mind along with an environment which every newlywed couple need. It is not just the attraction of the sightseeing which attracts tourists from different parts of the world however also tasty seafood which fills your mouth with water.  If you are planning for a perfect honeymoon, then head towards this beautiful Indian destination as there are many best Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India are also available for you. Below we have listed for you the must do things in Tarkarli for a memorable and loving honeymoon:

  • Romantic
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